суббота, 24 июля 2010 г.


Vitaliy Makarov is very tallented and promising artist. Now he lives in South Russia town Essentuki. Where he paint every day and many times aday. He lives only of his art and art ideas. Everytime he search and find new ways in his art. So his art is very progressive and developing. His artworks attract of south hot inner energy, exelent knowleges of drawing,  plastique, and outstanding collor vision. He never stop in his art development. He sayed to me- "every new artwork it's as first artwork in my life, aeverytime i want to paint something absolutly new in my art".... 
His contact email-  makskorobkin@mail.ru

1. June Flowers.

 2. Evening bouquet.

 3. Storm just come out.

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