понедельник, 28 февраля 2011 г.


And what? Best cherries-cherries from neighbour garden... In my position maybe possible to tell this. Why? Becourse now i am sitting and looking at the window... And what i can see? Again and again snow snow snow. And frost. Even i haven't desire to go to walk in night winter forest!... Maybe somebody from southern countries have this dreams, but not me- 4,5 months of winter weather- its rather good execution!!!
I wanna get another way.... In my mind i draw pictures of hot, south, sea, yes, what rest without sea... paintfull landscapes... polite people who never come to me to interfere with my painting landscapes, or who ask 
stupid and senseless reqest as "be so kind to draw my portrait, i'll mail it to my mama"....
In my real reality i have oficial invitations to plen-air actions, but i want to hide it in deep of "writer's table", this plen-airs are not bad deal, never no. But it has only shade of rest. Plen-air, mostly plen-air with auction and final show- it's everytime- responsibility... means stress. Artist everytime have his professional ambition. If artist is "low or middle class", he want to prove his worth to around standing people, if artist is ARTIST- he everytime want to prove his own worth to himself. What proposition does bigger stress- difficult to tell. Mostly if young and honored artists find theirselfes in one group- so here we can look for eternal problems of  "parents nd children"... Do i need this? Or i want that? No no no...
I can't think my rest without painting. personal plen air is the best rest. But this must be very free style of  painting with no  program, with no commitment and tasks... Yes, what good, to stay in suny land, swimming in sea...to use fresh sea fish, fruits... to live in comfortable apartaments with balcony... and to paint, paint, paint...
Paint for enjoy, Paint for relax, Paint for future, Paint for memory of people who invited and took care of you... Life of the soul...

Andrey Lyssenko http://lyssenko.ru/component/option,com_true/Itemid,34/func,viewcategory/catid,4/lang,en/ 

суббота, 5 февраля 2011 г.


"Every brush stroke, every drawing line is the indicator of inner culture of artist"
(From today's evening tea discussion in my art-family)
Art of Art- Dynasty Lyssenko-Tereshenko

(Part of NikolayFechin painting.)