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Artist Sergey Kirillov (Rus). "Execuion of Russian rebbel Stepan Razin".

This is one of best artworks about this subject. Rebbel Razin is rather popular person in Russian history, songs, painting.

пятница, 19 ноября 2010 г.


Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.  "Landscape with the windy weather." 1875.

"I never hurry to go to details. I was primarily interested in the mass and nature paintings. When it is already established, I begin to look for the subtleties of form and color. I kept working on it, without being distracted by nothing and not adhering to the system ..". 
Camile Corot.

Post by artit Andrey Lyssenko. www.lyssenko.ru

среда, 10 ноября 2010 г.


        Artist Andrey Lyssenko. "Descendant of Genghis Khan". Portrait. 50/40 cm. Oil/canvas. 2010.
      Private Collection.

Andrey Lyssenko Art Dinasty- www.lyssenko.ru                

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Painting requires a complete self-denial, but you are too fond of life. "
Giorgio de Kirko.


  Some times ago i got an idea to visit far and deep places of russia. Final point of a trip was an old monastery. But until I reached the goal, I saw a lot of interesting...
 1. Highway. North direction. Usual day. There're no too much cars on a road... It's joy...

 2. Old province Russian town Petrovsk (town of Peter)... Quite province life i saw here... Fine place... But!!! Tere're many art galeries there!!! Intresting!!!
 3. After Petrovsk i found myself on country road... I drived, drived... But where am i drive to...- i asked my self...

 4. Miles of fields and north forests... trees of not high size.... No people around...

 5. Losed memory about civilization...

 5. Old white church. Orthodoxy of course. Here's famous Holy Place. By the way- no gas her, its too far place... People get hot from trees...

 6. I continiue to drive... Far... far...far... After time i saw monastery on a top of a hill... Far away...
It was very popular monastery. Becouse of it comunists-atheists destroyed it all... Now monastery on renewal. Some moncs lived there... There i felt taste of 15th century- the church is heated by the stove .... This wonderful scent of the oven, so familiar from childhood ....

 7. After i found unknown lake... Very big and very nice... I never heared about it.... I wanted to ask people... but i couldn't found them around...

8. This is very comon view of Russian country. Very tyoical houses, caled "Izba"... I metlittle of people- mostly of old age... Their clothes was very clean and careful... but looks like from folk russian tales... Its not bad, its good, i think it must be... Real life, freedom, ethnos... good...

I hope, everyone viewer'll get enjoy nd art impressions as i got this trip!

среда, 3 ноября 2010 г.


Philip Malyavin. "Two peasant girls". 1910.

Philip Malyavin- famous Russian atist, pupil of Iliya Repin. He done wide influience to academic painting of that time. Repin told to another students: " You can only wonder of Malyavin, but never follow him- its impossible. He is very outstanding person with personal way in art". Malyavin was born in family of icon-painter and began his art life as icon painter too. Main topic of his art- Life of peasant Russia and beauty of it. Also he famous as portrait master and absolutly geniously great master of drawing and scetch.

Text by artist Andrey Lyssenko

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Artist- Ivan Gorushkin-Skoropudov (1873-1954) "Kiss".

Gorushkin-Skoropudov was born in peasant family in deep country of Russia.
He graduated from St-Petersburg Accademy of fine arts in 1902. He studied in Repin workshop there.
Main feature of his art is life of ancient Russia with her customs and spirit. 
He painted many Historical scene artworks. Also he created many portraits, social-realism compositions, drawings.

Text by artist Andrey Lyssenko  Andrey Lyssenko Art-shop