пятница, 18 марта 2011 г.


This is demonstration of how i worked on painting "Bouquet of tulips". Everytime its difficult to me to stop painting and to do photo of moment. I never use especial "steps". So way of development of each new work is distinguishing and personal. 

Step-1. Scetch, layout of main elements of artwork

                                                                                                                                                           Step-2. Loading colors and shades.

                                                                                                                                                                       Step-3. Elaboration of  development of drawing, colors, shades.

Step-4. Finalized Study. "Boquet of tulips". 40/30 cm. (16/12 inches). Oil/canvas. 2011.

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понедельник, 14 марта 2011 г.


Fedot Sychkov is one of "great but forgotten" artists of first half of 20 century. As to belive cataloque text, he more known "in West" than in his motherland. Everyday, begins from my childhood i process many art info. Of course i heared about Sychkov. But it was too much time ago. Maybe it was at univercity art history lessons. I realy found him rather little time ago in "threasures of my house attic"...
  Fedot Vasilyevich Sychkov was born at the end of 19 century very far from big cities and cultural centres. This place named Mordovia (not Moldova). Very paintfull area with deep forest space all around.
But fire of Sychkov tallent began to burn exactly there. Buisnesman and art patron marked tallented young man and deside to do investment in art development. This was investition not only in development of person, but in future of Mordovia motherland, Russian art Worldwide art.
Fresh and clean-soul childhood impressions he mixed with high art education in St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts under instructor's care by Repin. Everytime he was on support of "Society of supporting of artists"- that time same organisations had powerfull part in Russian art life.
If to look for all pieces of Sychkov art in one time- we can see original shape. Name of this- soul of motherland. His paintings view beauty moments of usual everyday peasant life.
This factor done opportunity to Russian comunists to forget his art. They wanted art what shows dark sides of peasant life with moments of классовой вражды and violence of world capitalism.
But Fedot Sychkov was light painter, he had his own philosophy of life and conception of art. He was very independent person what done him out of mode for social positions of art.
We can see beauty shapes of peasant persons, with no "bulevard tricks", simple, clear.
This is truth of life. Nobody, who only read about this kind of life can't create equal shapes.
These shapes come from soul, heart, superconscious of personality...

Artworks from collection of Mordovia National Museum  named of Fedot Sychkov.




Article by artist Andrey Lyssenko  
copyright 2011.