понедельник, 28 июня 2010 г.


Here you can see part of my landscapes and studies painted in Montenegro. A will post my global artworks of Montenegro season when i'll finalizate them...So now please-  Andrey Lyssenko time of Montenegro... 10 artworks.

             1. Sunny day. 40/50 cm. oil/board. 2010.

          2. Rest of boat. 40/50 cm. oil/canvas. 2010. Private collection.  

3. Old town street. 80/60 cm. oil/canvas. 2010.

4. Sea nocturne. 50/60 cm. oil/canvas. 2010. Private collection.

5. On plen-air. 20/30 cm. oil/canvas. 2010.

6. In the bay. 20/30. oil/canvas. 2010. Private collection.

7. South night street. 70/50 m. oil/canvas. 2010.

8. Midday talking. 50/70 cm. oil/canvas. 2010.

9. Kotor bay nocturne 4. 20/30 cm. oil/board. 2010. Private collection.

10. Clouds of Montenegro. 40/18 cm. oil/canvas. 2010. Private collection.

среда, 23 июня 2010 г.


O Montenegro collors! I remember this fantastic mixture of tunes and collors... All subjects viewed across one big subject- blue air! This air change all on pallete! First time artist is very wondered- what to do, how to paint THIS, how to mix collors truthly here. All things in all matter of weather are into blue cover... mountains, trees, houses, ships, yachts... Mistake is when artist project collors of pallete studied him at home... that usual collors... It means he dont want to feel something new, he dont want to learn nature... real realism... Who get this way- he dont understand anything in Montenegro nature... These fantastic colors come to artist in dreams and do mark on his future vision of painting... Losed world... another reality...
(Will be continiued)

понедельник, 14 июня 2010 г.


Sometimes artist must stop himself to kreate works... for example after finishing of large art project or grand size painting or big serial of plen-air artworks. But... To stop paint is just difficult thing. This time artist can feel himself bad, unsatisfacted of life andprocess of painting com to him in night dreams... soul want to paint, but body and brain are very tired... What to do?
Time to time i discuss this problem with myart-friends. And we got idea...
It's- To be in workstdio, to sit on sofa, to drink tea or kofee or what else and learn books of favorit masters. Or to prepare new canvases and to cut gesso boards (not nesessary to buy it... must leave spase to handmade work). And there are many nice things which stands near main work of artist. They're enjoyable, light, relaxable.
Of course, when artist prepare new canvas, so he mind and plan new his artwork. which maybe is unknown for himself in this moment. But this process, asother similiar things make inspiration to artist. After this period of rest painting time will come as reallity, by itself. But it will be new mind, new feelings, new consciousness- powerly and positive... inspired...  

 Tired artists.

суббота, 12 июня 2010 г.


I woke up and couldn't recognize where i am and whats happend....Firstly i mind that i had come in sleep on balcoon of Montenegro villa... "Its bad" i mind- "cold sea winds-not so carefull thing, i need go in my room....but... where it is?... where's door? shit... walls... they from wood, not fron stone... what's that????????
O! WOW! I just got inspire! Evrica!!!!!! Now i woke up at my oun house!!!!!! Bravo!
O Great Nature of Montenegro! Beauty of shapes! Everytime changeble mirror of bay, paintfull shades of arroundstanding mountains, crasy clouds, or fantastic blue of skies... eternal.... space of light which transform all subjects in kingdom of painting... Subject can die... Shape will live in future....