суббота, 15 мая 2010 г.


This is artwork of my grandfather Andrey G. Lyssenko (1916-2000). Dated od 1960ths. He painted his friend- artist Peter Ruzheynikov (Krasnodar town. South of Rus). Painters together went to plen-air and painted not only landscapes or seascapes but even friend's portraits. Both of this artists-friends have some portraits of each other. I stay this painting in my own collection bectcourse i remember and keep it from time of my childhood. its membory of my granddad and his frend. Not only this proposition. I like it as event of art, as work of powerful master, as lucky, fresh impressionist painting.

Andrey G. Lyssenko, Honoured Artist of Russia. "Plen-air". 35/45 cm. oil/canvas. 1960ths.
Painting of Andrey G. Lyssenko, Honoured Artist of Russia

четверг, 13 мая 2010 г.


So i finished work on Istanbul series of landscapes.  It was intresting journey, inspired work on paintings. That's all what i mind to say by text. Another ideas- look here!

1. Fisherman Berth. 120/80 cm. oil/canvas. 2010.

2. Istanbul Study. 40/50 cm. Oil/canvas. 2010.

3. Eastern City. (My view of Istanbul). 50/60 cm. Oil/canvas. 2010.

4. Nightlights of Eastern City. 70/100 cm. oil/canvas. 2010.

5. Morning in Istanbul. 40/80 cm. Oil/ canvas/ 2010.

Artworks of artist Andrey Lyssenko (born 1974). 
Website-  Andrey Lyssenko Fine Arts

пятница, 7 мая 2010 г.


Painter, senselessly imitating nature, guided practice, and judgments of the eye,
like a mirror which reflects all opposed to his subjects, but not having knowledge of them...

(Leonardo Da Vinchi.)


Artwork in general ... Painting ... There are different methods of work on this also.
One- historical-scene, genre painting, which requires much time and careful work on details,technologism.
Also, a long-time landscape or still life, work on that implies a few sessions.
Here there are another exclusive technologies of painting and layers.
But method "A la Prima" or "Primo Tempo" or "Plen- Air"- here is absolutly another conteption and attitude.
Here it is necessary to realistically assess the state of nature the allotted time,
 as well as its strength.  in what canvas size  you can spread oneself at once.
For this study had been completed and self-sufficient in one session. Yes, it's not long-time
landscape. Although there are studies of some masters, standing on a level with the "landscape".
 But there must be finalized idea of perfection and completeness of the form.
Here is only one order- "who nothing ventured, that never explode Whisky".
Of course, here need determination and courage. Here "On horse or under horse". Yes study can be
unlucky sometimes. In That situation better hide it in workstudio-store and forget.Time will find this sketch.
Forgive yourself your mistakes. Take a lesson of life for next time.
But if after work you'll sure that task is completed, so enjoy Life, Enjoy taste of VICTORY!
But remember,  that next battle for study waiting soon... (A. Lyssenko). (Excuse me if my Engl. Lang. not too good).

      Andrey Lyssenko (me). Hot evening at countryside. 50/60 cm. oil/canvas. 2009.               

среда, 5 мая 2010 г.


This is one of historical-scene artworks of my grandfather- Honoured Artist of Russia
Andrey Gavrilovich Lyssenko (1916-2000).
It named "First Victory"and belongs to event of first great russian victory of World War-II near Moscow(1942).
Subject is that russian warrior-vinner is standing and look after line of captived enemeys. He mind
about how that exselent "millitary-machine" changed in long line of helpless People...
Main person of this painting is brother of grandfathers wife. He really took part in that war fear
as in another battles of W.W-II. He was a driver of tank and accepted war from first till last days.
He came home alive and had lived long life... I remember him fine. Even i keep his warriors acsessories...
One intresting story i want to remember about this paint: one time i met art-collector in my workshop.
That time this painting stayed there so i desided to show it to collector. He was Germam.
So i show, i exsplain what it's about... And when i came to point "line of captived solders"...
that time he wonderly told to me: you know-there was my granddad! Wonder! To granddads met in one
artwork... In oppozitesides of paint... And their grandsons met each other after long time...
all bad!
Now this artwork is available in one of private Moscow museums

Andrey G Lyssenko. "First Victory". 200/350 cm. Oil/canvas. 1970ths.                  

понедельник, 3 мая 2010 г.


Here is very dynamic and emotional composition. "Storm the Sapun-Mountain in Sebastopol". Very hot battle-scene. Involved "bullding" of composition. How large craftsmanship was invested in this artwork. All pieces of art - composition, painting, anathomy, intrest, inner power. What a pity i have never look at this "alive", but i hope that good dreams will come true...

Artist Peter Maltsev "Storm the Sapun-Mountain".

воскресенье, 2 мая 2010 г.

MY PAINTING. "Night-lights of Asian City"

I painted this artwork after my journey in Istanbul(Turkey). Where i was very impressed of beauty and variety of eastern life, colours, traditions. I didn't paint there. I lived there as observer. I walked slowly, looked around, drank cofee at street cafes, talked to different kinds of people... Drew pencil scetches...sometimes... And enjoyed of this conception of life...living... 
One night walk i had this moment, this impression... Its view from one of central briges... It was only short view-shoot, little moment which impressed me brightly...
After my journey when i arrivedto my "forest" i began to paint this impression. Like another ones...

Andrey Lyssenko. "Night-lights of Asian City". 70/100 cm. oil/canvas. 2010.