суббота, 12 июня 2010 г.


I woke up and couldn't recognize where i am and whats happend....Firstly i mind that i had come in sleep on balcoon of Montenegro villa... "Its bad" i mind- "cold sea winds-not so carefull thing, i need go in my room....but... where it is?... where's door? shit... walls... they from wood, not fron stone... what's that????????
O! WOW! I just got inspire! Evrica!!!!!! Now i woke up at my oun house!!!!!! Bravo!
O Great Nature of Montenegro! Beauty of shapes! Everytime changeble mirror of bay, paintfull shades of arroundstanding mountains, crasy clouds, or fantastic blue of skies... eternal.... space of light which transform all subjects in kingdom of painting... Subject can die... Shape will live in future....


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  1. wow! story close to surrealism) your words describing bay make myself feeling as a painter ... well but only with my fanatasies and eyes cause unfortunately my arms will never reflect it)))) Thanks God i have your works quite near. Looking forward to see them.