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Artist Arkadiy Plastov (1893-1972). It coudn't be mistake if to call him "one of the best"Russian painters time of USSR.
Even it's possible to tell "he- best". But why? Time of second half of 20th century was full of great tallented masters of art.
So from what especial premises it was formed phenomen of Plastov?
If to read his biography, so we see that he was born in family of country icon-painter and peasants. He got icon-painting and religious education. This factors plus his kind soul done eternal influience on all his future life and art.
What intresting, that long time of his life he worked as general director of collective farm (kolhoz). And he lucky combine hese two professions given to him from his childhood. Profession of director gave to him possibility to get buisness connections and to get respectable status. But he never find this. Becourse he live of art, of love to people and to nature. He knew andived of philosophy of eternity. Very natural and  simple style of living. So he felt voice of eternity, and he UNDERSTOOD and KNEW HIS SOUL. And Plastov combined it with his great art masterpiece. This things gave large spiritual power to his art.
Unaccountable power. We can see very usual and so simple piece of peasant life, we can  see great skill. But we can only feel and contemplate something outstanding...
Yes, Arkadiy Plastov was Academic of Fine Art Academy, very respectable and wellknown person, his artworks everytime took plase in general state museums. He used these gifts of doom, but he never was slave of this gifts. He feel himsel as Person and Artist He loved life and people- thats what we really can see in his Art.

Article of Russian Painter Andrey Lysenko (1974).

Here used photos from website www.artlib.ru



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