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Artist Anatoly Nasedkin was born in Novgorod (Rus) in 1924. Date of death unknown. After his family replaced in Harkov (Ukr). 
Nasedkin took part in world War-II battales. After war he studied in Harkov Academy of Fine Arts in Workshop by Dergus and Svetlichny.
One of brightly features of Nasedkin art is exstraordinary feeling of drawing, anathomy, shades, dynamick and development of brush strokes. He tried himself in book-illustration art, in oil studies, landscapes, graphics, historical scene paintings... All- lucky! Becourse "house of his art" stood on sturdy base- perfect drawing and fine collor vision and feeling- all it consists his personal tallent. 
Nasedkin paintings are very laconic, dynamic and emotional. It based on play of contrasts of shades, cold-warm colors,  variety of rhythms, lines, strokes and their combinations. Paintings by Nasedkin radiate life, the joy, the desire of creativity. What a pity- Anatoly Nasedkin is very high class master of art, but not so wellknown as he must be. Man who devoted all his life to art...

(Text by artist Andrey Lyssenko www.lyssenko.ru

 1. Midday. 1978.

 2.Yard after rain. 1962


 4. Gray day. 1977.

 5. Evening sun. 1959.

 6. Building. 1970.

7. Self Portrait. 1974.

8. Still life.1972.

 9.Old man. 1963.

 10. Study. 1956.

 11. Bread of Revolution. 1965.

 12. On Volga river. 1956.

     13.Going to farm (kolkhoz) 1960.  


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