понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.


Now i'd like to publish my artworks were painted in realistic style. This was season just after my finish of Art-Academy.
That time i keeped and followed realistic tradition and folllowed artists as Shishkin, Ayvazovsky, Polenov. Tat time i had need in that exsperiment... I needed for present time... for future! So what.

 1. Pine-trees in feeld. 100/80 cm. oil/canvas. 2002. Private collection.

 2. Near old town. 10/80 cm. oil/canvas. 1998. Private collection.

 3. Temple of nature. 100/130 cm. Oil/canvas. 2004. Private collection.


 5. Sunset. 100/120 cm. Oil/canvas. 2004-06. Private collection.

 6. Summer evening. 60/70 cm. Oil/canvas. 2005. Private collection.

(4- Sunset on the pond 80/100 cm. Oil/canvas. 1999. Private colletion.)

Website- www.lyssenko.ru

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