четверг, 27 января 2011 г.


Artist- Andrey Lyssenko " Memories of Nice" 50/70 cm. Oil/canvas. 2011.

Day by day i spend in snow and cold Russian country... Frost... Snow mountains... difficult to move by foot, hard to drive and parking car.... There it was one moment when i tired of that reality and prefered to fall asleep... There, in my shugarly dream i saw for my last journey to Nice, quiet, summer, joyfull, hot... In my dream i flied under the town, i enjoyed, i lived... It was so real... But mobile telephone call disturbed my dream. I woke up... Why i see snow and feel cold... What injustice! I want that heaven from dream... that time i continiuied to feel voice from dream... I need to restore harmony of my inner world!!!!..... This was my main motivation to paint this memory of my dream, of my journey...

2 комментария:

  1. This painting is a blessing to the harsh cold of winter! I think your desire to be in a warmer climate has accentuated the light, colour and vibrance of this landscape even more!

  2. Ingrid!Thank you very much! My best thanks for your comment!