пятница, 7 мая 2010 г.


Artwork in general ... Painting ... There are different methods of work on this also.
One- historical-scene, genre painting, which requires much time and careful work on details,technologism.
Also, a long-time landscape or still life, work on that implies a few sessions.
Here there are another exclusive technologies of painting and layers.
But method "A la Prima" or "Primo Tempo" or "Plen- Air"- here is absolutly another conteption and attitude.
Here it is necessary to realistically assess the state of nature the allotted time,
 as well as its strength.  in what canvas size  you can spread oneself at once.
For this study had been completed and self-sufficient in one session. Yes, it's not long-time
landscape. Although there are studies of some masters, standing on a level with the "landscape".
 But there must be finalized idea of perfection and completeness of the form.
Here is only one order- "who nothing ventured, that never explode Whisky".
Of course, here need determination and courage. Here "On horse or under horse". Yes study can be
unlucky sometimes. In That situation better hide it in workstudio-store and forget.Time will find this sketch.
Forgive yourself your mistakes. Take a lesson of life for next time.
But if after work you'll sure that task is completed, so enjoy Life, Enjoy taste of VICTORY!
But remember,  that next battle for study waiting soon... (A. Lyssenko). (Excuse me if my Engl. Lang. not too good).

      Andrey Lyssenko (me). Hot evening at countryside. 50/60 cm. oil/canvas. 2009.               

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