вторник, 3 августа 2010 г.


Intresting topic- forgotten artists... I have large book "Forgoten artists". And what? Some of them often are not worse than wellknown artists. But their situation of life, maybe features of inner nature stood them in 'second train" in art …history... Of course, career of artist impossible to see without supporting of "powerfull persons of world". Here we can see that artists of "first train" were supported by kings and "palace people", "second train"- who were supported by strong merchants... and etc... Miracle to see unknown artwork of anknown artist in museum, allthough it was bought somwere " in boulevard" many times ago... Of course, in whole part "suporting" helps and for creative growth too... more opportunities for development outlook... 

Artist Andrey Lyssenko 2010. www.lyssenko.ru

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