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Ryabushkin... Very... very Russian artist. He felt life of Russia and people very sensitively. I can't tell better and realy- he loved his Motherland. Maybe it's heard rather loudly, but it's better word here. Unlike artists, named "Peredvizhniks", Ryabushkin painted life of Russia in light and bright colors, he showed light sides of life. Of usual life of different kinds of people. As person he was very quiet and modest man. Ryabushkin loved painting, but not honor and PR.
Maybe because of it he is great and famous, but not wellknown. His artworks available in general museums of Russia as Moscow Tretyakov Gallery  and Russian Museum of St. Petersburg.
Intresting feature of his life: When he graduated from Moscow Academy of Fine Arts with exelent mark, he was awarded a journey to Europe. But Ryabushkin  refused to go. He preferred to travel the ancient  towns of Russia.  These little, quite  and unknown towns, shapes of them lived in Ryabushkin Arts. It was his real mission.

 Russian women of XVII century in a church. (1899)

 Wedding procession in Moscow XVII century. (1901)

 Foreighn ambassadors comming. XVII century.

 Moscow street. Holydays. XVII century. (1895)

 Family of Russian Buisnesman XVII century. (1896)

Portrait of artist Andrey Ryabushkin.

 Photos imported from website  http://tphv.ru/ryabushkin.php
Article by artist Andrey Lyssenko  Art by Dinasty Lyssenko

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