четверг, 22 апреля 2010 г.


Here i begin new theme in my blog. Its "Battle-scene painting of Russia". I want to dedicate it to univesary of final of World War -II. In Russia it took time since 1941 till 1945 years. I feel that no sence to wright here about history of war (but i know it fine. from different points of view). Here better tell about "War in Art". 
First exchibited artwork dedicated to first point of battle in Rus- Brest Fortress. It was a plan of attak which didn't include this little fort in. But garrison of Brest Fort fighted more than one month against more dominated forces of enemies who have hard guns, modern planes, exelent teached solders! Till death of last solder. After battle German Generals and Hitler presently visited Brest Fort that to learn- WHAT it was and why...

"Defence of Brest Fortress."  Artist- Krivonogov (1911-1967). Krivonogov- one of famous Russian battle-scene artists. He really took part in battles of that war. After he worked in Workshop of Millitary Artists named of artist Grekov. So where painted many artworks.
This is one of my lovest paintings of my childhood.
Note - Brest- town on border of Belorussia and Poland.

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