пятница, 16 апреля 2010 г.


So i ordered this catalogue of my paintworks in 2006. It has 104 pages, 95 photos of paints, bio and articles of art-critics about me and my art. 
I decided to gather pictures of different periods of  my art life. From Art Lyceum time till post-Art Academy time. These were paintings what i feel as my sighned. Even i published my frescos and decorative exsperiments. That time i have idea to show "I am for today". It was lucky materilizated that time. Even this time its good application for selled artwork or pretty visit card for collector of art. Good possibility and luck for person who cannot buy painting but want to have it...
Now i have idea to prepare materials for my new book. I want let it will be only selective paintings of me. Which i feel as selective. Little short studies, conceptual landscapes, figuratives, historical paintings... So what i feel as "Here i am"... 

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