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Whistler’s habit of giving the names to his artworks, confusing the audience with their eccentricities, his rejection of academic conditionality, so all these things provoked fury of John Ruskin (1819 - 1900), a great art- critic, a supporter of Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites. In 1877 Whistler exhibited two night landscapes, painted in the Japanese manner, calling them “Nocturnes” and asking for 200 guineas each. By this incident Ruskin wrote in rage: "I've never heard that smug buffoon who can ask two hundred guineas for the fact that he threw a pot of paint in the face to the public." Whistler sued him in court for libel, and this case is once again found a deep divergence of views among the public and the artist. Immediately raised the question of "completion of art product", and Whistler's cross-examination was asked – really artist want to get unreal money for "two-day job." To which Whistler replied: "No, I am asking money for knowledge of all my art life experience”.
SO ARTIST WON! (But… He was- Great James Whistler 1834-1903))


Whistler. "Nocturne in sulfur and golden tones"

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