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 NOTES ABOUT ART. Taken from diary of Artist.

The workstudio is the salvation of the world's meanness, evil and injustice.

Not only that to make the right color tone, it must be skillfully painted on canvas.
That this tone accurately expressed its appointment in given artwork. 

The right tone to tone is not advised to take a separate shade and color, cast it on canvas,
not retire to background. 
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"Gammerfest. Nohern Lights".  Much Artworks of Korovin look at
 Paintings of K. Korovin         

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  1. I don't no so many Russian impressionists. Who else painted in this style in 19th century in Russia? I would like to have an art history lesson here.

  2. Ok. I dont know why but i have see your komment only this moment. Korovin- he was founder of this style in Russia. But after him- it were too much pretty artists. This art called Soviet Realism. But i want to note- its mistake. Correctly it must be called "russian art of time of USSR" or "Russian Impressionism" as EU art critics told...