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Here is one of more outstanding and finest paintings of Russian art time of USSR. It was published in all art cataloques, journals, school-books. Artwork of realy famous artist Alexander Deyneka (1899- 1969), Honoured artist, Academic, Professor of Fine Arts. He was very very productive Artist, greatly tallented. He was marked by goverment, so everytime he got much of orders. All Moscow metro mosaics, monumental painting, easel paintings more and more artworks he done...
He had his own, conceptual point of view on art definitive of another Rus. fine art of that time. Throught he everytime was "Goverment artist" he liked to show in his paints what he didnt like in that style of life. Even some modern art critics called his exchibition: "Deyneka- fighter against Kommunism and Soviet state." It was many discussions in press about it.
Here you see one of his Battle paintings "Defenseof Sebastopol". Its one of my lovest paints of my deep childhood. Subject- Russian marine solders defend Sebastopol by fashist army. It was one of longest and terrible battales of that war. Sebastopol failed after long bloody fear. It was fear for two sides of warriors- rus and Germ. All feel themselves as in deep hell. As generals of both armies too. So ok- its not history tale... Look at THIS!!!

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